Why Klaroline is Perfect According to D {n’ A}


i would argue that point if it wasn’t true. clearlyimyourbitch. even though i always thought it was the other way around. then again, your head-canon is caroline, and we both know she wears the pants in this relationship. LOL. but omg. seriously?! you’re asking a thousand year old hybrid to change his ways. uh. you know it’s impossible to teach an old dog new tricks. JS.

That says it all right there.


She denies her feelings even more then he does. JS. The more I write from her perspective, the more I realize they have even more in common then what first meets the eye. The possessive loyalty, the inherent stubborn nature, the need to be the creative one in charge {sure, there is a slight difference between alpha male and miss mystic falls, and being responsible for hybrids as opposed to charities, dances, and other such community functions but it can also be argued to be the same difference.}

On top of that, she hides behind insults just as much as he does violent bursts of outrage, and then we’ve got the tiny little fact they are both undeniable survivors. They endure, no matter the crap thrown at them. She got through the transition of becoming a Vampire flawlessly, and without barely any help as compared to other characters, such as Elena who seems to be struggling far more then I recall Caroline.

All this without going down to the deeper, subconscious levels of self-doubt and insecurities, both of which their characters and character flaws are heavily built up from. Why else does he wish to surround himself with a sire-bonded army? He is basically invincible, so we know it’s not for personal protection. As for world domination, if that was really his end goal, don’t you think a character that cunning and strong would have done so by now, I mean he’s had a thousand years, created art that tricked multiple cultures, and not to mention could compel nearly any human to do whatever he wished. 

No. He wants a family. On the deepest level, his one true fear is being rejected. How else could his father have made him cry? In subliminal ways, Klaus just wants acceptance. It’s his most human aspect, aside from art/painting and guess what. Caroline brings both those aspects out of him, more so then any other character he has interacted with, Rebekah included. Why? Simple, because unlike his family {perhaps Elijah aside — which for the record he seems to respect the most, arguably} Caroline has proven time in and time out, to be loyal.

Even when she shouldn’t be. Even when people don’t deserve it, and despite thinking herself “shallow as a kiddie pool” she is, genuinely, really trying to work on that. She cares enough to hold onto her humanity, and not let being a Vampire redefine her as a monster. Again, something Klaus latches onto. Maybe not consciously  and maybe never will be something he admits, since like Caroline he is huge into denying any sort of feeling {or connection to humanity} but it exists, which is why — for a villain — Klaus is so well received and, dare I say, relateable. 

Which, Kudos to the writers, is a very hard thing to do. 

Now if they could just give us Klaroline….

We’re not asking much. Really.

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